Our 7 simple steps to develop a better web site for you

1. Assign an account manager

As soon as you contact us, JCTWeb assigns a dedicated Account Manager who will be with you through every step of the process, overseeing, and coordinating all the work on your site.

2. Conduct a brainstorming session

To understand your business and its specific needs, our Project Support Team, led by your dedicated Account Manager, will meet with you. They work with you to learn what you want and need from your website. They give that data to the Development Team, who plans the scope of your project, and prepares a project estimate, proposal, and time line.

3. Analyze your business needs

Once you accept our proposal, our Analysts gather details about your business procedures. Our Project Management Team collects information and marketing materials (colors, logos, brochures) about your company.

4. Write your content

Our expert writers will work with you to develop the content of the site, shaping information gathered into clear, concise language meant for the Internet. This is crucial, because studies have shown that people read the Internet differently than they read printed materials.

5. Design your site

While the content is being completed, your Account Manager assembles your ideas and current marketing materials and begins to develop the look and feel of your website. Using the information that was gathered, our Design Team develops creative options. Utilizing your input, the design of your choice is tweaked to capture the exact look and feel that is right for your business and industry.

6. Test your site for completeness

We begin testing after the design is completed and approved, following rigorous methodologies to ensure your site’s usability, user interface, and load handling capability. If any flaws are discovered, they are documented, sent back to the Development Team, and corrected.

7. Ready, set, launch!

When your site is ready to launch, you are provided end-user training. To help you get the attention you want for your new site, we will provide Web promotional and marketing services. Should any issues arise, our Help Team is available 24/7. Your dedicated Account Manager will continue to work with you, aiding to keep your site current, making sure you achieve the return on your investment you hoped for.

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