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A website is more than a few pictures on the internet. It is your virtual handshake and often the first impression your customer will have of your company. Many professionals develop their own website with a do it yourself program to save money. Many of those people end up with a site that does not work properly, cannot get found, or becomes outdated quickly. It takes several different web development skills and web design skills to design a website:

Web developers

Functionality- Does your site do what it needs to? Whether you need it to manage events, sell products, display articles, or collect information, it is first and foremost that your website functions like it is supposed to. We have web developers that focus on creating websites that work.

Web Marketing Experts

Visibility- Internet marketing is the process of making sure a site is found by people who are looking for your product and services. We have website Internet Marketing Experts who focus on the newest ways to get your website found on the Internet.

Web Designers

Design- The look of your website is important. It needs to be professional, up to date, and reflect your business. We have web designers with different styles to suit your business and a Project development manger specially trained to interpret your wishes while enhancing the function of your site.

Web SEO Copywriters

Writing- Many businesses try to write their own websites, but that rarely works. Business owners usually can’t find time to write about their business. On the web, writing is not just for the people that visit your site, but for the search engines. We have trained and talented SEO copywriters, all with different styles and different specializations, trained to write in a way that not only captures the reader’s attention, but that of the search engines. We will assign the right writer to your project.

Because the web design process requires Web Developer skills, Web Designer skills, Marketing Expertise, an understanding of Internet Marketing, and SEO copywriting, you will get a team of marketing professionals that will work together to build the best website for your business.

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