Mission Aveda salon opened in January 2009. As a new business, the salon needed a turnkey Web site that could find new customers and convert the most business. They chose JCTWEB’s Search-Metro program and it has helped create this Aveda salon’s success story. Starting in February 2009 they had 12 first page placements and just over 350 site visitors. Eleven months later it is 102 first page placements (almost a 10X increase) and over 1350 visitors, a 4X increase. More importantly, they receive over 400 phone calls a month and over 100 gift certificates.

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L&N Label Company has an extensive menu of services and markets throughout the Southeast. JCTWEB created this multi-market turnkey Search-Metro site including design, content and call to action offers. The company has first page rankings for its key services in all the major cities in Florida and Georgia. They receive calls every week from new clients around the country through the tracked JCTWEB Phone Source program.

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St. Pete Computer relied heavily on networking and its location on a busy street to get customers. Their Search-Metro site expanded their reach. Starting in April 2009 with 10 first page placements, they now have over 80 Google, Bing and Yahoo first page keywords. Even better they receive over 50 telephone inquiries and a dozen coupons a month. Search-Metro has helped them grow beyond one street.

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Odontophobia — the fear of dental care. Dr. Klein had a case of Internetophobia: he had been burned before by half truth offers from other suppliers. After much consideration, he tried JCTWEB’s Search-Metro thanks to our guarantee. Serving a small portion of the St. Petersburg area, the site went from 9 first page keyword placements to 80 within a few months, 300 visitors and over 25 calls a month for new appointments. This site gets better results than the rest of his Internet marketing efforts combined.

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