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At JCTWEB, we create unique Internet marketing solutions to augment and invigorate your Internet marketing strategy. Consumers today are using different methods to look for products and services. This makes it more difficult for local and regional businesses to keep up. Many productive businesses are seeing their advertising methods become outdated and ineffective. More consumers are moving towards the Internet. That’s where JCTWEB comes in.

Web marketing services that get you found online

There are two main types of Internet marketing strategies: Search engine optimization and paid search marketing. They can be used separately or concurrently depending on the market.

Search engine optimization : SEO is a long term investment geared towards the generating better search engine results organically. Many different factors contribute to the overall importance and relevancy of individual pages within your site. Consistent, monthly SEO is absolutely critical to success.

On-page SEO and organic Web marketing

On-page marketing, such as blogs, press releases, and original content, are absolutely critical for conveying your company’s message in a clear, articulate manner. Social networking media, such as Twitter and Facebook, can be used to create a living, breathing community that allows your site to produce organic content with minimal effort on your part.

Pay-per-click services

Also referred to as search engine marketing, JCTWEB uses paid search marketing as an effective short term campaign. Paid search is most effective for Web sites that are already properly optimized for organic searches. In paid marketing, an advertiser pays a premium for each click received, based on selected keywords. PPC management includes selecting keywords, writing advertisements, creating a landing page, and managing a pay-per-click budget.

We would be delighted to find out more about your business, your competition, as well as your current marketing strategy so we can help your company implement an online marketing plan that works.

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