Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

SEO is just like traditional advertising. It is designed to drive business to your website. It is up to you and the quality of the website to convert these visitors into customers.

SEO Packages designed that meet your needs

A small business selling in a local market does not require the same work as a national company in a highly competitive market. Likewise, a four page website would not require the same optimization level or package as would a 20 page website. We don’t make cheap SEO packages but we do make affordable SEO packages.

We tailor both our initial and monthly SEO prices to suit the needs of our clients based on a geographic targeting and your industry competition level. This ensures that you receive the right SEO prices and an affordable SEO package for your company.

If you are a small business offering a service in St. Petersburg, Florida, you would not need the same level of SEO marketing package as would a company offering the same service on a national level. It's as simple as that. We get you the best SEO package for the money.

Measurable results from your SEO marketing package

Every month you will receive a report in addition to your immediate access through your control panel to daily reports. Success can be measured by the number of unique visitors, the number of pages viewed, the average time spent on the website and the search engine rankings among other measurements. Search engine rankings only tell part of the story.

Your JCTWEB SEO specialist will help you choose the appropriate search engine optimization SEO marketing package to meet you and your company's goal.

Please contact us to discuss affordable SEO package pricing.

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